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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Make your own Ribbon Embellishment

Happy Sunday again folks! Nice easy one for you this week. We've seen some wonderful tags over the previous weeks and we're really hoping that all those June one's will be going into the tag swap because they are stunning!!! It's still not too late to join in though so if you're only just reading this for the first time and wish you'd found us sooner, don't be put off - you can either catch up at your own pace, or just jump in now and do the next couple of themes. How ever many tags you send in, that's how many you will receive in return. So get those scrap boxes out and get tagging!!

Our theme this week is to Make Your Own Ribbon Embellishment! What could be simpler? Our lovely creative team here have been making samples to hopefully inspire and entice you to join in and here are their fabulous efforts:


Just one more theme to go now and we'll be ready to swap - we are really excited about this and hope you're as keen as us!

On a personal note I (Anne) would like to apologise for not being able to get around and comment on everyone's tags from last week. It's nothing personal I assure you - I seem to have picked up a blog bug that isn't allowing me to comment and I can't get to the bottom of it! It keeps asking for my password and then tells me it's invalid (which I know isn't true!) and until I've managed to find out what's happened, I may miss some people out which is really sad because I have been sat at my pooter squealing with delight over your tags! I will keep at it until I've cracked it though ;o)

In the meantime, hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and we can't wait to see your ribbon embellishments! Happy tagging!

Love from

The Tag Team xxx


  1. These are all fabulous. Annette x

  2. Love all the examples, you are all so talented.

  3. Great theme this week will try and join in this one but super busy over next few days so apologies if I don't make it. I have joined in the swap though and can't wait!
    back soon (I hope)

  4. Phew made it didn't want to miss this challenge for the swap lol



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