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Sunday, 8 August 2010


***NB - oops! gave you the wrong email addy for Sam - have corrected it now. Sorry Sam!!!

Happy Sunday Taggers! Oooh, it's been a bit quiet round these parts this week! Hopefully that's because you have still got a couple of weeks to make and send your August colour theme tags. Don't forget to email Sam for her addy to send your tags to when you've finished them - she's really looking forward to getting them to re-distribute!

So onto this week's theme - we want to see a Monogram on your tag. Now it can be a tag with a monogram on, or you can make the actual tag in the shape of your monogram - it's entirely up to you! Just don't forget to leave us a link so that we can come over and see them.
In the meantime, our fab DT have prepared samples of our own for your delight:




And now it's your turn. Don't forget to leave your link - we can't wait to see your monogram tags!

Love from

The Tag Team xxx

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  1. Lovely tags. I must get my act together, I made a tag for last week and then realised I need 3 so I'm playing catch-up now!

    ** Kate **


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