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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Week No. 5 - A Butterfly's Kiss

Hi Taggers, Happy Sunday!!

Hands up, how many of you out there have a box or folder or something that you keep those pretty paper off-cuts that you just can't bear to throw away because you might find a use for them one day? Well today is that day!! Get your box of scraps out, maybe a couple of stamps, even a punch or two and turn those scraps into really useful tags! There's no point in hanging onto something that, lets face it, if you're honest, you're never going to use, are you? But if you've made something pretty and useful with them you're going to be so thankful - especially when you need a tag in a hurry! And they don't take long to make, unless you really want them to of course. A tag can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Tags are a great way of experimenting too. You know that technique that you keep threatening to try out? Well this is the perfect occasion for that, and guess what, it isn't going to matter if it goes wrong because you can just trim it down, add a gem or two, punch a hole in the top and thread a ribbon and Voila!! Tag Art!!! Sometimes I (Anne) like to just stamp images and colour them - they never make it onto cards, but they do come in handy when I need a tag in a hurry!

That is the purpose of this blog - it was never designed to take you away from your other favourite challenge blogs and rob you of precious crafting time. Our reason for being here is to try and entice others into using up what might ordinarily be junk stash and making something beautiful and useful from it. The themes we set are just to give you an idea to get you going - we don't set 'challenges' because tag making is something that you can do while you're waiting for the kettle to boil, or a 'warm-up' to your crafting time.

This week we have set a theme which uses butterflies - I imagine pretty much everyone has butterflies in their stash so we want you to drag them out and use them on your tags. It's not a competition - there are no prizes or blog candy to give away, we just want to encourage other crafters to create something beautiful in their daily gaps with scraps of papers and have something beautiful at the end of it.

Here are some wonderful examples from our fab DT





So now we would love to see what you can do with a few paper off-cuts and a bit of ribbon. Don't forget to link back to us so we can come and ogle your tags too!

Love from

The Tag Team xxx


  1. They are really gorgeous, I will definitely squeeze one in this week. Hugs

  2. great challenge
    lovely DT creations
    Christine x

  3. think I have a gremlin chasing me! I,m sure I posted my challenge last night but wasn't there, just done in again, now I,m wondering if I posted it on the wrong challenge! about right for me


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